Zara Spook By Heddon

Zara Spook's legendary walk-the-dog top water lure

Heddon Super Spook HardbaitsSince 1939, the Heddon Super Spook Hardbaits have been catching fish.

When fishing a Heddon Zara Spook, the absolute key to fishing the lure is learning the proper way to retrieve it and with the Zara Spook there is only one way to fish it for the best results,
Walk the Dog.

Zara Spook's legendary ''walk-the-dog'' top water action has been written about more than any other fishing lure. To fish a Heddon Zara Spook, use a rhythmic, slack-line retrieve that makes the Zara Spook walk from left to right, back and forth.
The Zara Spook's plump profile is a tantalizing target for bass.
Walk the Dog with the Zara Spook.

Zara Spook Selections
Heddon Zara Spook Puppy - 3" - 1/4 oz.
Heddon Wounded Zara Spook - The ultimate double-prop lure - 4 1/2" 3/4 oz.
Heddon One Knocker Spook - Has a single tungsten rattle for a loud thump and draws fish from long distances
Heddon Saltwater Super Spook - Rattles - 5 " - 7/8 oz.
Heddon Super Spook XT Hardbaits - Striped Bass tuff hardware - 5" - 1 oz.

Heddon Wounded Zara Spook.Walking the Dog:
After you have made the cast let the lure rest on the surface and wait for the ripples to disappear before retrieving, if you have the patience. Hold the rod at about 20° and give the lure a jerk with the rod, not the reel using your wrists and not your forearm to about 40° in a series of short jerks while reeling in line at the same time. The lure will dart to one side or the other. After it has darted reel down keeping the line tight and give it another pull with the rod of the same distance keeping the same path of pull with the rod tip and the lure will dart off to the other side. Repeat the process. The lure will start making a zig-zag pattern on the surface going from left to right. You do not have to pull left or right, the rod tip takes the same path for every pull and the lure will go from left to right and you will be walkin the dog. Don't use sinking line. Sinking line will inhibit the walking action of the lure.

When a fish strikes make sure you feel the fish sometimes they will slap it out of the water 6 to 8 inches and spin around for a second hit, then sweep and reel on the hook set. If you yank it out of the strike zone then the chances of catching that fish go down.

Best rod for Zara Spook.
I Use a 7ft Med heavy fast action rod for the Zara Spook. A stiffer rod is going to give you a little more control and feel for working a topwater plug so i like a fast action in a med heavy or heavy power. The longer rod gives you more distance but is a little harder to be accurate with.

Best line for the Zara Spook.
I use Berkley Trilene Tracer Braid - Professional Grade for topwater lures. Braid is well-suited,  If visibility is not an obsession with the user, because the smaller diameter line gives you the same strength with a small line diameter. The smaller line diameter gives you more casting distance. Braid also does not have the stretch effect of mono, so you can get a better hook set at a longer distance which is a real advantage when retrieving the Spook.
There's one "Bad news/Good news" aspect to using braided line for top water lures. If you tends to set the hook a too quick on a strike, braid will agravate the  "Taking It Away From Him Syndrome". It's critical to Feel the fish before setting the hook which is true in any case, regardless of line used.  In most instances you only need to crank, rather than yank, in order to assure a successful hookup.

Best knot for the braided line when using with the Zara Spook.
There are several knots that will hold braided line to the hook with no slip. I have come to use the Palomar knot over any others that I have tried.
I find it to be quick and simple, which IMHO means less mistakes when tieing.  It’s a personal preference for me.

Granddad's Old Fishing Trick when fishing with the Zara Spook.
This awesome tip works, drill a BB size hole about 1/4" or so behind the eyes directly along the spine (middle). Put a teaspoon of cod liver oil or add enough for it to float with the head floating upward, Stuff a piece of cotton or cotton string in the hole so it wicks out the oil.
The extra weight will add an extra 20 yards and the stripers will blow them out of the water.

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